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[007] EMI MARIA - Contrast

EMI MARIA » Contrast

Genre: RnB, Pop, Ballad
Leak Date: 10.03.03
Sounds Like: Crystal Kay
Adjective: Awesome
Source: KMC

01 Focus on Me
02 One Way Love
03 Show Me Your Love
04 Call Me
05 Change My Life
06 Time is Over
07 Get on My Bus ~でも It's Alright~ (Get on My Bus ~ Demo It's Alright~)
08 We Standing Strong feat. JAY'ED
09 Darknessworld feat. 般若
10 S-Girl
11 So stupid
12 メリーゴーランド (Merrigoorando)
13 運命にはぐれないように (Unmei ni Hagure Nai Yoo Ni)
14 Have You Ever

change xx → tt
EMI MARIA is a J-Urban singer that debuted in 2007. Her father is Papua New Guinean, while her mother is Japanese.

Focus on Me is a fast-paced RnB song. It has a great vibe and Emi sings with attitude. It's a great way to start the album! It's bold and and funky and probably one of the stronger songs on this album.

I love the introduction of One Way Love. It sounds great. And the rest of the song doesn't disappont either. Though, the 'eh eh eh's before the chorus is a tad annoying and the chorus could be a little stronger, but it's a pleasant listen.

Show Me Your Love is such a sweet, heartfelt song. The arrangement is great and I love the sincerity in Emi's vocals. The underlying piano, synths and beat work seamlessly together with Emi's smooth vocals.

Call Me is alright, it's just one of those songs that has a great arragnement and beat etc but it doesn't totally stand out. Well this one doesn't totally stand out on this album. I do really like it though, but there are other songs that I fins myself turning to. The background piano and fun beats are great though.

I love the beat and piano in Change my life. It has a great positive energy but I don't think the chorus is strong enough. Emi's vocals sound a little strained as well, so this song doesn't really demonstrate her gorgeous vocals.

Time is Over is an midtempo RnB song. Emi presents great energy in the chorus (I'm assuming it's a break up song) and it's memorable. The background synths do a wonderful job with the beat. Her vocals sounded a little awkward at the beginning but she seems to gain more confidence through the song. There is a line in the lyrics 'taking back my money' that made me remember Utada Hikaru's song :)

The next track, Get on My Bus ~ Demo It's Alright~ is great. I feel like the chorus and verses don't flow perfectly with each other even though it does. The verses feel hot and sexy, yet the chorus feels a little uplifting.  The song is good though, the chorus is addictive and I love the harmony in it.

We're Standing Strong has to be one of the best tracks on the album. Okay, I might beat little biased in that because firstly, I love male and female dynamics and secondly, I adore JAY'ED. They collaborated before with his minialbum, but I like this song much more.  It's such a hot, upbeat song with heavily layered synths. Their voices compliment perfectly together. Oh damn, just check out this song! It's like the song you would have repeat.

Wow, Darknessworld surprised me a bit. Emi's vocals are lightly distorted, and I welcome the change even though she has such beautiful vocals. The chorus is a little lacking with the repetition of 'darknessworld' but the rap section is actually bearable. It's a bit lengthy though. While the chorus is lacking and yes, hello autotune, I actually enjoy the song a lot! The arrangement is done very well and it's so addictive. There's like subdued hotness in the song :D

S-girl is another high-quality track. The beat is infectious and Emi really shows her vocal range in the chorus. I think it's the change pitch from low to high that makes it so addictive. It's motivational, uplifting and leaves you feeling good.

So stupid's beats reminded of another song and the synths at the beginning. But apart from that, it's a slow jam RnB song. It's pretty good and I find myself enjoying it.

Now the next track Merrigoorando is more of a slow jam with a slow beat and the piano. I thought it would be boring but it's not entirely. The chorus is catchy, with layered vocals. You can lean back and really appreciate Emi's beautiful, smooth voice.

Unmei ni Hagure Nai Yoo Ni is another slow song with just the piano and beats. It's a little underwhelming compared to the previous track. I find myself skipping to the next song. There's nothing wrong with the song but I don't find it anything interesting.

The last track, Have You Ever is more upbeat song compared to the previous. The atmopshere of the song feels cheery and Emi sings about first love? I'm not too sure but it's a really nice song to end with.

Overall, this is a rather strong album. I ended up liking most songs. Yes, there were a couple of tracks that I didn't enjoy as much or didn't real stand out but apart from that, this is a solid second album.

Overall: 8.9/10
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