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[008] Mami Kawada - LINKAGE

Mami Kawada » LINKAGE

Genre: Rock, Electronica, Ballad
Leak Date: 10.03.24
Sounds Like: KOTOKO, MELL etc
Adjective: Really awesome (LOL)
Source: KMC

01 succession
03 PSI-missing
04 TOY
05 Kotoba, Kokoro no Koe
06 Prophecy
07 in answer
08 masterpiece
10 linkage
11 Mirai no Tsubu ~I'm formed~
12 All in good time

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Finally! Mami Kawada's 3rd album is out!

Mami Kawada is an Anime/JPOP singer, mostly famous for her contribution to the Shakugan no Shana series. She's an I'VE singer (KOTOKO, MELL, Eiko etc).

succession is just an intro but certainly sets the vibe of the album and definitely makes you anticipate it. It's mainly just the electric guitar but it builds up in tension and perfectly flows into the next song.

CLIMAX is an explosive electronica song with a great strong beat. The song is very edgy, aiding much by the electric guitars. The bridge of Mami's distorted vocals is catchy and leads into the memorable chorus. 

was one of her lead up singles for the album and was used for an opening for the anime To Aru Majutsu no Index. I loved it back then and still do. It's refreshing and lovely to hear again! I talked about it before in a different community, so just copying and pasting. The song is a mix of techno and with a slower, with the underlying piano. Mami Kawada sounds strong and confident, blending perfectly with the music. The chorus is gorgeous And I love the bridge, in where Mami's vocals are slightly distorted and where it focuses on the beat and background music.

The next song, TOY enters with some Engrish 'I'm not toy, I am real.' The song feels much more laidback compared to the previous songs in the album, maybe due Mami Kawada's style of singing. She sounds, I dunno...cuter? Well, I don't really like the line 'I'm not toy, I am real' but apart from that, the composition is fine. I love the part where the must slows down - it sounds really good with just the beat.

Kotoba, Kokoro no Koe starts with a pretty piano melody before a beat enters and some synth. Mami sounds gorgeous and strong as ever, especially when she hits those high notes in the chorus ♥. This would be the first "ballad" from the album and it's a little bland but still very beautiful.

The next song, Prophecy was another single released previously, used for the opening of OVA of Shakugan no Shana. It's a little more poppy than her previous songs and not as edging and dark but it's a nice contrast.

in answer has dark and edgy choruses, with the electric guitars and synths blaring but the chorus seems to lack that flair and energy. But the instrumental is just divine! 

masterpiece is another single and was used for the second OP for To Aru Majutsu no Index. Hmmm, this song is an alright song. I mean it's good and much lighter than some of Mami Kawada's songs. It's like PSI-MISSING II.

The next song AWARENESS is the second "ballad" of the album. It's much lighter than the previous songs and not heavily reliant on blaring electric guitars. I find the chorus a little bland but it's an alright listen.

Yes! I've been waiting for LINKAGE ever since the PV teaser. I thought it would sound more ballad-y but the introduction sounds more pop/rock ish. It's a great instrumental! But when Mami begins to sing, the instrumentals become less pronounced. I love the chorus! It's so damn catchy! Mami definitely shows her vocal range in it, hitting those high notes. It's probably one of my favourite songs of the album.

Mirai no Tsubu ~I'm formed~ leans more to electronica side but not as explosive as CLIMAX. It may be a little toned down but it's still great!

All in good time was used for the ending of the OVA of Shakugan no Shana. I love the piano beginning and the lead up to the chorus as it becomes more layered in instrumentals. It's a really nice song and you can really hear the sincerity in her voice.

The last song, DREAMS is apparently a cover of an English song I can't remember. Mami Kawada's English isn't perfect, yeah Engrishy. But it's actually not that bad. I haven't heard the original song but it's nice to hear Mami Kawada sing in English. The arrangement is nice and it's an uplifting way to end the album.

Overall: 8.6/10
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