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[009] moumoon - Refrain

moumoon » Refrain

Genre: Rock, Pop, Ballad
Leak Date: 10.03.24
Sounds Like: YUI, Ikimino Gakari, Do As Infinity (ish?), Jyukai
Adjective: Mellow
Source: KMC

01 リフレイン (Refrain)
02 Brilliant days
03 天国に一番遠い場所 (Tengoku ni Ichiban Tooi Basho)
04 Kiss me Baby
06 青い月とアンビバレンスな愛 (Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai)

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moumoon is a pop/soft rock/rock duo with Yuka taking the vocals and I can't remember the dude's name who plays the guitar, LOL. This is their second mini-album. Isn't the cover beautiful?

Refrain is a pop/rock song with pretty vocals from Yuja. She's always had a beautiful voice but I think she's matured more in this mini-album. I love the introduction of the song with the strumming of the guitar, the strings and drums. Actually, the instrumental is really nice and the chorus is memorable.

Brilliant Days leans more to a ballad or is slower than the previous song. It feels more melancholy or reminiscent but that could just be my take. The combination of Yuka's vocals and the piano is beautiful! 

The next song, Tengoku ni Ichiban Tooi Basho lightens things up a little and like Refrain, it's a pop/rock song. The English chorus is surprising but welcomed - Yuka's English isn't Engrish at all. It's definitely a sweet song that makes you smile at the lyrics. Yuka's smooth, soft vocals fit perfectly with the heart-warming lyrics and atmosphere.

Kiss Me Baby feels a little different to the other songs with the detached piano notes in the background. But it's still an acoustic pop song. It could have gone without the repetition of 'Kiss Me Baby' in the chorus but the song is still very gorgeous and sincere.

MUSIC sounds more retro and Yuka's sings softly. The arrangement isn't that  bad and it's pleasant to listen but that's it.

And to end the mini-album, we have Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai which was their previous single. It's a beautiful piano ballad that increases in emotion and instrumentals to bring something gorgeous! I've always loved it and still love it - it's great to hear it again. 

Overall, I really like this mini-album. It's mellow and gentle, and is really beautiful to listen to. While I didn't fall in love with all the songs at first, this is moumoon we are talking about - their music does grow on you.

Overall: 9/10
Tags: # misaki, * download, * review, moumoon, release: 2010
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