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[011] school food punishment - amp reflection

school food punishment » amp reflection

Genre: Rock, Pop, Electronica, Ambient
Leak Date: 10.04.14
Sounds Like: They are really unique.
Adjective: Fantastic!
Source: KMC

01 signal
02 goodblue
03 butterfly swimmer
04 future nova-album edit-
05 電 車、滑り落ちる、ヘッドフォン (Densha, suberi ochiru, headphone)
06 light prayer
07 after laughter
08 04:59
09 駆け抜ける (Kakenukeru)
10 futuristic imagination-album version-
11 line
12 パーセンテージ (Percentage)
13 sea-through communication

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school food punishment's one of my favourite bands and their music is a mix of ambient, pop and rock. They have an awesome sound and very creative, yet each song has their own distinctive feel to them. This is their debut album.

Some might be going, 'what kind of cover is that?' but I think it really reflects their experimental/abstract sound that they have :D

REVIEW ♥ Collapse )

Overall: 9.7/10
Tags: # misaki, * download, * review, release: 2010, school food punishment
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Thank you so much for this
Thanks a lot!
:O yay new album! thanks for sharing! ♥
Thank you! I love sfp as well. <3
thank you for sharing~!
school food punishment are one of my faves, but i wasn't even expecting this, thanks for the upload :D
I love this band also, and i can't wait to hear the new songs.. Thank you!
Going to give them a listen! Thanks for the rec and upload! :D
Thanks! :D
Thank you! :)

i love school food punishment~
sounds epic - totally downloading =]
I've heard their singles; I never knew they hadn't released a full-length album before this! Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to listening to this.
Thank you so much for uploading! I had completely forgotten about this :)
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