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[011] school food punishment - amp reflection

school food punishment » amp reflection

Genre: Rock, Pop, Electronica, Ambient
Leak Date: 10.04.14
Sounds Like: They are really unique.
Adjective: Fantastic!
Source: KMC

01 signal
02 goodblue
03 butterfly swimmer
04 future nova-album edit-
05 電 車、滑り落ちる、ヘッドフォン (Densha, suberi ochiru, headphone)
06 light prayer
07 after laughter
08 04:59
09 駆け抜ける (Kakenukeru)
10 futuristic imagination-album version-
11 line
12 パーセンテージ (Percentage)
13 sea-through communication

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school food punishment's one of my favourite bands and their music is a mix of ambient, pop and rock. They have an awesome sound and very creative, yet each song has their own distinctive feel to them. This is their debut album.

Some might be going, 'what kind of cover is that?' but I think it really reflects their experimental/abstract sound that they have :D

signal is an intro and fits pefectly with the theme of the album, just like a good introduction should. The layering of the piano and other harmonies in the background, with a distorted and distant feel blends smoothy with the next song.

goodblue is one of the new tracks on the album and of course has the distinctive school food punishment feel to it. The chorus is extremely catchy and the harmony of it is amazing. There is a section in which you just hear the instrumental and it sounds crazy and messy but it is starkly contrasted afterwoods with soft instrumentals and singing. Basically, great song here!

Ahhh butterfly swimmer! One of my favourite singles released from them. The song starts of with minimal instrumentals and then it hits you! It's super catchy and you just have to appreciate the music.

Apart from the extra pretty introduction in future nova - album edit- I couldn't tell any difference from the original. But towards the end of the song, there's another added part of loud drums, bass and electronica. It's a really nice touch, both the intro and ending and I find myself liking this version more than the original.

Densha, Suberi Ochiru, Headphone
had a spacey, pop feel to it, with distorted guitar riffs and a interesting beat. The change in tempos in the chorus and verses makes the song memorable, which I have to say, they use this for most songs. Anyways, it's a little softer and less edgy in comparison to their other songs, complementing well with Yumi's soft vocals.

They take a more rock edge than pop in the next song, light prayer - a previously released single. The song is cleverly layered with instruments and with a beautiful melody, the song is one of my favourites.

after laughter was the other A-side in their previous single. As the title may suggest, it's an upbeat song with a cheery atmosphere. The piano melody in the background adds a nice jazz touch to the song but their electronica/pop/rock roots are still present.

I instantly fell in love with 04:59. Also, ironically, that's not the the length of the song. Anyways, it's a beautiful blend of piano, guitar, drums and Yumi's gorgeous vocals to produce one of those songs that blow you away. I love the airy feeling of the song! It's probably my favourite song out of the new ones in the album.

So after the soothing 04:59 we get Kakenukeru which surprised me a little at the beginning. This song is less rock and more pop/electronica from them and it sounds amazing! It's an upbeat song laced with strings and infectious beat. What I love about school food punishment is that while they're usually very experimental and electronica/rock/pop based, they add dashes of the guitar or the piano which makes the song feel more raw, natural but still unique. Another one of my favourites on this album!

futuristic imagination -album edit- has an addition of an introduction with sweeping strings, much like the other album edit. Uh, I've always adored futuristic imagination so yes, I seriously enjoyed this song. It's a gorgeous mixture of guitars, piano, drums!

line is a really messy, strong electronica/rock song. But this is school food punishment we're talking about and they pull this song off perfectly. The song isn't 'in your face' but it's certainly loud, darker, edgier and has a pretty crazy arrangement.

The next track percentage is a mellow, light song that certainly tones things down after the hectic line. It has a distinctive RnB feel and I love how Yumi's vocals are slightly distorted at places, adding to the spacey feel of the song, even though her vocals are gorgeous even without it. It's really nice to listen to!

sea-through communication wraps things up. Personally, I would have preferred percentage as the last song, but I still love sea-through communication. It's more mainstream pop but still has their signature feel to it. It's a laid-back pop song with a great melody and ends the album on a good note.

Overall, I loved this album. Not, it's not because I'm a massive fan of them, though I am. But how can you not love school food punishment? Their music is extremely catchy and is really unique. While it's more experimental, I feel like their music really shines and honestly, they are a talented bunch.

Overall: 9.7/10
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