[006] B2ST - Shock of the New Era

B2ST » Shock of the New Era
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Genre: Dance, Pop
Leak Date: 10.03.01
Sounds Like: B2ST! /hides
Adjective: not surprising
Source: leftseoul

01 Just Before Shock
02 Shock [MV]
03 Special
04 내 여자친구를 부탁해 (Say No)
05 Easy

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B2ST (Beast) is a six member boy group from South Korea. They debuted late 2009, with ex-solo singer AJ (Gikwang) with their mini "Beast is the B2ST." The group was recently awarded with the Best Newcomer Award at the 19th Seoul Music Awards.

Their second mini album "Shock of the New Era" was leaked two days prior to the release date. It is going to be released tomorrow.

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Overall: 8/10

[005] KARA - Lupin

KARA » Lupin

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Genre: Pop
Release Date: 2010.02.18
Sounds Like: Baby V.O.X/Re.V, the old KARA before "Honey" and "Pretty Girl"
Adjective: Exciting
Source: leftseoul

01 Tasty Love
02 루팡 (Lupin)
03 Umbrella
04 Rollin'
05 Lonely

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KARA is a four member girl group from South Korea. They amazed us last year with 'Mister' and 'Wanna.' They are back with their new single Lupin and their new concept of being thieves like Arsène Lupin from the Maurice Leblanc novels.

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Overall: 7/10

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[004] Jisun - The Mermaid...Comes Back Home

Jisun » The Mermaid...Comes Back Home

Genre: Ballad, Pop, Rock
Release Date: 2009.02.03
Sounds Like: Loveholic
Adjective: Soothing
Source: bestfiction 
Requested by: davidfresh 

01 Someone Somewhere Someday
02 인어... 집으로 돌아오다 (The Mermaid... Comes Back Home)
03 안녕 마음아 (Hello Heart)
04 롤러코스터러브 (Roller coaster Love)
05 Universe
06 Windflower (feat. Alex)
07 그는 널 사랑하지 않아 (He Doesn't Love You)
08 보고싶어 (I Miss You)
09 지구인 (Earthling)
10 Phony War
11 우리가 나눈 사랑의 진실 (The Truth Of Our Shared Love)
12 L O V E
13 Polaris

Jisun is LoveHolic's previous female singer before she left, releasing her own album.

Jisun's debut album is a really good one. I don't think it's one of those albums that hit you straight away, but slowly grows on you. After a couple of listens, you begin to appreciate each track more and more. I prefer the second half of the album more, but that's my opinion. I don't think that the songs are evenly distributed - most of the upbeat songs are at the beginning while the slower songs are towards the end. The instrumentals are mellow, beautiful and soothing, perfectly suited to Jisun's breathy but beautiful voice. Rating: 9.2/10

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Rating: 9.2/10

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[003] Abe Mao - Pop

 Abe Mao » Pop

Genre: Rock, Pop
Release Date: 2010.01.27
Sounds Like: YUI, Ai Otsuka hmm?
Adjective: Good
Source: warriorsoul@kmc

01. Mada
02. I wanna see you
03. Monroe
04. Anata no Koibito ni Naritai no Desu
05. Tsutaetai Koto
06. Tsugou no Ii Onna
07. 15 no Kotoba
08. Mou Hitotsu no MY BABY
09. loving darling
10. Wakaru no
11. Poker Face
12. Itsu no Hi mo
13. Salaryman no Uta

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This is Abe Mao's 2nd album. I've been following her since her debut album and am really interested to see what she came up with for her 2nd album.

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Rating: 8.7/10

[002] Da Mouth - One Two Three

Da Mouth » One Two Three

Genre: Hip-Hop, Electronica
Release Date: 2010.01.23
Sounds Like: A Chinese Black Eyed Peas?
Adjective: Excellent

01. 3010
02. Rock It
03. La She / Na Qu (喇舌/拿去)
04. Green Kicks
05. Ai Bu Ai Wo (爱不爱我)
06. Sou Xun (搜寻XX)
07. Qian Xin De Peng You (牵心的朋友)
08. Back To The Future 
09. Wei Lai Pai Dui (未来派对)
10. Turn Up The Music
11. Happy Birthday My Dear
12. Shining

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Da Mouth is a Chinese group with strong Hip-Hop routes. Maybe like a Chinese Black Eyed Peas? Slightly. I liked their second album, so let's see how their 3rd album matches. 

I was delayed in sharing this because I couldn't find the pinyin for the songs. So I just used an online one. If it's wrong, sorry about that!

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Rating: 9.5/10

[001] C.N.BLUE - Bluetory

C.N.BLUE » Bluetory

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Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 2010.01.14
Sounds Like: Jason Mraz, F.T Island, Blue October, Maroon 5
Adjective: Disappointing
Source: leftseoul

01. 외톨이야 (Alone)
02. Love Revolution
03. Y, Why…
04. Now Or Never
05. 그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다... (I Will Forget You)

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